Expressions with Make/Do/Get

Choose the option you consider most appropriate to complete each sentence. Feedback is provided inside the blank on the right.


1. I find her the cheekiest person on earth. She  us carry all her suitcases.
2.He promised to help me. He said he would  his best.
3. If you can't finish all this work alone you could always  somebody to do it.

4. He didn't laugh because he didn't  the joke.

5. If I were you, I'd wear my best clothes to  a good impression on my new boss.

6. OK. I'll make the beds as long as you  the washing up.

7. I've  a decision: I'm going to set up my own business. 

8. We all helped with the arrangements for the celebration but Jimmy  nothing.

9. Louise is ill with flu. I hope she will  better soon.

10.This is very good. You've  a good job.


Esther Pérez-11/00