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CEIP Ntra. Sra. de la Piedad

Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia)

      Social science 4º

Zona de búsquedas


1.- Earth and space

The planets of the solar system

The earth's orbit

Earth, Sun and Moon I

Earth, Sun an Moon II

Earth, Sun and Moon III

The solar system to earth

Del sistema solar a nuestro planeta

The universe

The solar system I

The solar system II

The solar system III

The solar system IV

The solar system V

The Earth

Planet Earth

Earth layers I

Earth layers II

Structure of the Earth

Exploring the Earth

Day and night

Self evaluation I

Self evaluation II
2.- Weather and climate
Atmospheric weather


Climate I

Climate II

Climate III

Meteorological variables

Variables meteorológicas

Weather maze

The weather game

The weather song

The weather in the world

Climate zones

Climate trivial

The climate time machine

Self evaluation
3.- Water
Water I

Water II

El agua

The water cycle I

The water cycle II

The water cycle III

What happens during the water cycle?

Water cycle pathways

The water cycle game

The water cycle quiz

Water and air

Water, a common resource

El agua, un bien común



Conserving water

Wastewater treatment
4.- Rocks and minerals
Soil, rocks and minerals

El suelo, las rocas y los minerales

Parts of the soil

Rocks and minerals

Rocks and soil

Types of rocks

Different types of rocks

Rocks formation

Different textures

The rock cycle I

The rock cycle II

Rockin' rock grower

Rock collection


Minerals page

Find Earth materials


5.- Landscapes
The landscape I

El paisaje

Rivers and water

Different settlement landscapes

The landscape II

Landscape changes caused by man and by nature

Cambios en el paisaje por el hombre y por la naturaleza

Natural landscapes

Mountainus relief


Phisical relief of Spain

Rivers of Spain

Coasts of Spain

Urban landscape

World landforms

Landform match game

Self evaluation I

Self evaluation II
6.- Communidady

Welcome tu smiling town

Municipality and town

El municipio y la localidad

Municipal elections


Autonomous comunities

The map of autonomies

El mapa autonómico

Spain and Europe


The Congress and the Senate

The state and the autonomous comunities

El Estado y las Comunidades Autónomas

Self evaluation I

Self evaluation II
7.- Work and travel
Transport networks


Transport and comunications

El transporte y las comunicaciones


Population and economy

Economic sectors
8.- Prehistory
Life en prehistoric times

Prehistory and Ancient Times in Spain

La Prehistoria y la Edad Antigua en España

Prehistory I

Prehistory II

Bild an Iron Age house

Prehistoric art
9.- Ancient History

Prehistory and Ancient Times in Spain

La Prehistoria y la Edad Antigua en España

Old Age

The Ancient Age

Explore Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Egiptian timeline

Ancient Greece I

Ancient Greece II

Ancient Greece timeline

The ancient olimpycs

Adventures in ancient Greece

The romans

Roman civilisation

The word of Caius

The colosseum


Interactive maps

Maps of Spain