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CEIP Ntra. Sra. de la Piedad

Herrera de Pisuerga (Palencia)

      Natural Science 4º

Zona de búsquedas


1.-Body systems
The human body

The skeleton I

The skeleton II

The skeleton III

The skeleton IV

Bones and muscles

The human body in motion

El cuerpo humano en movimiento



The human excretory system

El aparato excretor humano

Nutrition organs

The digestive system


The respiratory system I

El aparato respiratorio

The respiratory system II

Breathing and respiration

The human blood circulation system

El aparato circulatorio humano

The circulatory system

The structure of the heart

Blood and circulation

Reproductive systems

Reproduction and pregnancy

La reproducción y el embarazo

Female reproductive system

Male reproductive system


Dr. Flopadom
2.- Looking after yourself
Exercise and health

Benefits of exercise

Healthy habits

Hand washing

Brushing your teeth

Care your teeth

Eating habits

Health and growth

Mouving and growing

Keeping healthy

Healthy - unhealthy

Need - don't need

Check my plate

La alimentación

Food groups

A balanced diet


3.- Living things
Living things I

Liging Things II

Types of living things

Diferent types of living things

Click on living thigs

Characteristics I

Characteristics II

Characteristics III

Five processes

Needs of living things

Forest life trail

Cell parts

Parts of a cell

Cells, tissue, organs and systems

Cel structure


Self assessment

Self evaluation
4.- Animals
What animals eat

Animals I

Animals II

Animals III

Animal land


How animals meet their needs

Grouping animals

Enviro spotter

Vertebrate animals

Types of  molluscs


A caterpillars live

Animals in our world

Animals in danger

What kind of animal? I

What kind of animal? II

Who am I?

Self evaluation
5.- Plants
Giology of plants

Plants I

Plants II

Las plantas

Plants III

Nutrition of plants

My seed diary

Watch it grow

Growing plants I

Growing plants II

Growing plants III

Plant life cycle


Parts of a flower

Life cycles

Photosynthesis I

Photosynthesis II

Plants and flowers

Plants and animals

Plant care. Fires

Cuidar las plantas. Los incendios

Take care of the plants

Garden guru

Self evaluation

6.- Ecosystems

Terrestrial ecosystems

Food chains I

Food chains II

Food chains III

Food chains IV

Food web I

Food web II

Ocean food web

Producers, consumers, decomposers

Food Fight

Ecosystems of  Spain

Los ecosistemas de España

Self evaluation
7.- Matter, materials and forces
Concept of matter

Concepto de materia

Zooming in on matter


Some types of materials

Characteristics of materials

Properties of materials

Sorting and using materials

Disolving slpells

The states of matter

Solids and liquids

Solid, liquid, gas

Gases around us

Change it

Changing state

Reversible and irreversible changes

Changing materials

Grouping and changing materials

Keeping warm

Self evaluation
8.- Energy
Matter and energy

Energy, our best friend

La energía, nuestra amiga más cercana

What is energy? I

What is energy? II

Forms of energy

Wind energy

Wind and solar energy

Energy is everywhere

Renewable sources of energy

No-renewable sorces of energy

Renewable or not renewable energy

Advantages and disadvantages

Energy and global warming

Conserving energy

Saving resources

Adventures in energy

The energy story

Energy  and contamination
9.- Machines
Forces and machines

Simple machines I

Máquinas simples

Simple machines II

Simple machines III

The lever

Modern inventions

Self evaluation

Mechanical madness

Moving toy