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One Look's Dictionaries
The 'Faster Finder' contains 471,626 words in 75 dictionaries now indexed (Computer / Internet Dictionary, Science Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, Webster, etc.)
English-Spanish and Viceversa
Only for beginners. A project by a Colombian student containing about 23,000 terms.
English-Spanish Dictionary and Translator
You can download this tool containing 72,000 terms from Virsoft (free for educational purposes).
A Word A Day
Every day, you can read a vocabulary word and its definition (with occasional commentary) on-line. Subscription is also possible if you want to be mailed out.
Acronism and Abbreviation Server
Here you can get the meaning of any acronym or abbreviation (NATO, UFO, BBC, etc.)
Webster' s Dictionary
It gives you direct, full, hypertext definitions of words.
WWWebster' s Dictionary
Merrian-Webster On Line: plenty of interesting information about the word you look up (even with illustrations). It also includes a thesaurus with synonyms, related words, ethimology, etc.
Roget's Internet Thesaurus
A catalog of English words and phrases that can be accessed by keyword searching or by similarity of meaning. It presents six categories or areas of knowledge: Abstract Relations, Space, Matter, etc.
Words Games
Longman. Vocabulary games (Word Pairs, Word Families, Missing Words, etc) are offered to visiters who can choose according to their levels.


Writing Lab
Purdue University. A complete guide to writing practice (English as a Second Language Spelling, Starting to Write, Developing an Outline, Planning, Writing Essay Exams, Writing with Computers, etc.)
Elements of Style
From Columbia University, William Strunk shows you Elementary Rules of Usage, Elementary Principles of Composition, Words Commonly Misspelled, Words and Expressions Commonly Misued, and many other issues.
Virtual English Language Center
A Comenius Group project including English and Spanish versions of the Home Page, and cool sections (Fluency through Fables, Press Articles, Vocabulary Exercises, Educational Software Shop, Links for Students of English, etc.)

Anthony Hughes' Grammar
Useful learning practice which includes Table of Contents, Subject Index, English Language Practice, English Grammar Clinic...
An Elementary Grammar
The English Institute offers you 22 different chapters and 2 appendixes with the main grammatical foci.
Learning English
English and Spanish Site which gives you some useful ESL information about English Examinations, Chatting on the Net, English Learning in UK, downloadable Practice of Grammar, etc.
The Eleven Rules of Grammar
Eleven Rules for Writing: Correct and Incorrect Examples and References.


College Humour
Here you have 500 ways to annoy your Roommate. Each time you reload, you get a new joke.
Veggie Heaven
A selection of recipes by one of the UK's most innovative vegetarian cookery writers. It offers starters, salads, sauces, etc.
On-Line Books Page
Look here for an index of thousands of on-line books. You can search by author or by title.
Fairy Tales
English and Spanish versions of a few short tales for children.

Bartlett's Quotations
Passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources with an index of Authors and Works in ancient and modern literature.
The Quotations Page
Well-known English quotations ready to be found: Random, Quotes of the Day / Week, Quotations Links, Search a Quotation, etc.
Bartleby Library
University of Columbia offers an Index of Authors so that you can read Novels and Poems On Line.


ESL Graffiti Wall
From Dave's Cafe: ESL Students are welcome to contribute.
E-Mail Key Pal Connection
Comenius presents you an easy way to meet and write people all over the world.
Pen Pal Planet
Another interesting Site for teenagers learning English as a Second Language.
Practice your writing and make friends on the Net. There are over 15,000 registered waiting for you...
The Electric Postcard
Send a virtual postcard to someone you love. S/He will be waiting for you...


Grendel's Lyrics Archive
You can find songs and words under band's names. Arranged alphabetically, it covers the most famous artists (Bee Gees, Bob Dylan, Queen, U2...)
Christmas Carols
Lyrics for the traditional carols.

Tradition Folk Songs
A database with a searchable index containing over 6,000 songs.
The Carols of Christmas
You can enjoy the Realaudio and MIDI sound clips scattered through the lyric pages.


Frizzy University Network. An ESL site with interesting sections to visit. At least, don't miss the following: Making Friends all over the world, Conecting to On-line reference materials, Attending Fun Grammar Workshops, and Taking Fun Classes.
Learning English on the Net
An ESL Home Page with links to other ESL sites and useful sections: Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, ESL Learners' Home Pages, etc.
Linguistic Funland
Resources and links for Teachers and Students of English. Its sections include: E-Mail Pen-Pal Assistance, Exercises and Activities for Students, Information on Testing, etc.

Dave´s Cafe
One of the best ESL Sites where you'll find interesting and funny sections both for teachers and students. I specially recommend the Idiom Page, the ESL Graffiti Wall, the Teacher / Student E-mail Conections, the ESL Quiz Center and the ESL Question Page.
Internet TESL Journal
A must for those interested in these matters including a valuable guide to any main TESL features. Don't forget to have a look at and explore the Communicating-With-Others and Listening sections.
Aasdvark's ELF Resources
Another interesting Site for teenagers learning English as a Second Language.

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